Daily Photo || 6.4.15

👰🏼While I was trying to take some snaps of the bride (IG: @steph_mclain04) I had people getting in my way so I made the best of it, I pulled back for a second and took this lovely image that captures exactly what was happening at that exact moment! Brides maids helping out the bride to make her look the best she can for her photos!💍#MemoriesForYearsToCome

   Trying out the New  VSCO   film 07 //  Kodak Elite 50 II- 


Trying out the New VSCO film 07 //  Kodak Elite 50 II- 

Victor Escobar

DJ Been DJ from The age of 9 years old had no one to teach me // Still going strong doing what I love! Photographer I have been taking photos since i can remember messing around with my dads camera wasting the film and now i own 3 cameras and i use them very wisely because with great gear come great responsibilities Video Producer/Shooter/Editor Started shooting videos in high school for classes so me and my friend can get a passing grade and extra credit. after a while of shooting and editing my video, they started telling me that i was very talented in that and i should make it as a career/business. have been shooting, producing, and editing for about 4 years now.