10 Things Every Bride Forgets To Do Right Before Her Wedding

The moments leading up to your walk down the aisle are harried–as a bride, I now this firsthand. There are just so many tasks to complete that the little things can easily be overlooked. I sat down with Jennifer Scholl of Stunning Events in Nashville to talk about what little things brides often forget to do the night before or the day of their weddings so that you can make yourself a list and remember! See them all in the slideshow.


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Appreciate the Moment

It can be easy to get lost in the minutiae during your wedding day, but remember to enjoy and appreciate your walk down the aisle, wedding vows, first dance, and cake cutting. These are moments you will wish to remember, and if you miss them due to an argument with your caterer or disappointment at a relative's absence, you'll miss the chance to relish the details of your wedding that make it truly special.


Use the Bathroom

Use the restroom. Wedding ceremonies are longer than you think, and when nerves enter the picture...well, it might be hard to "hold it" throughout the ceremony. That said, make it a priority to use the ladies' room before walking down the aisle. Your bladder will be eternally grateful.


Bride Eating

Eat. Many brides are so busy on the day of the wedding that they forget to eat. Don't let this be you. Arrange for easy -to-eat snacks to be placed in the getting-ready area. Jennifer recommends carrots, cucumber slices, grapes, and cheese cubes. All are stain free!


Bride putting on lipstick

Touch up your lipstick. You've eaten and checked your teeth for debris, but did you reapply your lipstick? Don't forget! Your megawatt smile will be on display - make it even prettier by apply a fresh coat of lipstick or gloss before heading down the aisle to your groom.


Bride plucking eyebrows

Shape your eyebrows. On the morning of your wedding, pluck any stray eyebrow hairs. According to Jennifer, having well-shaped eyebrow is essential to looking your best on the big day.


Cash in envelope

Prepare tip envelopes with cash. You don't want to be worried about tipping the waitstaff and bartenders on your wedding day! Jennifer recommends preparing tip envelopes with cash in advance and handing them to your planner or coordinator to distribute on the day of. Many brides forget to do this and it typically results either (a) not tipping at all or (b) attempting to send payment post-event, which is tricky.


Marriage License

Bring the marriage license. It's not official until that baby is filled out, so don't leave it at home! After all, getting legally married is the point of the day.


Invitation Suite

Bring the invitation suite. Before you leave the house the morning of your wedding, don't forget to bring along your invitation suite and other paper goods. Everyone loves an amazingly styled photo of wedding day paper, but your photographer can't capture it if you forget to bring it!


Wedding Gift Table

Assign someone to gift duty.  Though most people will send you wedding gifts in advance, the amount of people who will bring gifts to the wedding might surprise you, so be prepared. Assign a family member or member of the wedding party to the task of collecting your gifts and taking them home for you to open the next morning (if you are hosting a farewell brunch) or upon return from the honeymoon.



Carry a handkerchief down the aisle.According to Jennifer, very few brides make it down the aisle sans tears, so be prepared! Ask your grandma for one of her old handkerchiefs (I can almost promise you she'll have one!) and carry it with your bouquet as you walk down the aisle. When the tears come, you can blot with poise!


(For more wedding tips & advice read our other posts here)

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