Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake.

Whether you’re going the DIY route and asking a friend or family member to bake up a cake, or working with a pastry shop, wedding cake design doesn’t stop at aesthetics. From ultratraditional (triple chocolate) to tropical and trendy (coconut passion fruit), these flavor combinations will help inspire the most important aspect of your cake: what’s inside. Consider our suggestions as just that, the baker or bakery you’re working with will likely have ideas of their own, and many of these flavor combinations can be mixed and matched as well.

Picking the flavor for a wedding cake is not easy, there is a long thought process that is required while picking the flavor. You want to make sure you have something that the guest will enjoy as well you yourself. (Bride or Groom) The cake is a small but important part of your special day as everyone loves the cake cutting part of the wedding. Getting to see the couple take the first bite is one of the most satisfying feelings.