CW AYON Band Performs on National Tour

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The CW AYON Band will be appearing at Derby’s Bar and Grill in Hemet for one night
only on Friday, February 1st during its current national tour.  Although Cooper “CW” Aeon
operated as a one man band out of New Mexico for years, the band has been a duo since 2017
with the addition of Willie Dixon styled slap upright assist Felipe Toltecati.  
 The band, based in the southwest deserts of New Mexico, has the reputation and sound of
the Mississippi Hill Country blues.  With a simple kick/snare and tambourine setup, CW lays
down solid beats with his feet while picking out catchy hooks on guitar. Meanwhile Felipe’s
upright bass holds down the low end while adding a bounce to the beat with double and triple
slaps, infusing a bounce to the beat.  The sound, seems to explode into that of a more formidable 

  Not generally known,  CW’s wife taught him to play the guitar.  His fingers captured the
frets and strings before he learned to  read the notes.  He cut his musical teeth with local Las
Cruces bands, playing rock and covers.  He became known as the guy who inserted as much
blues into the music as he could get away with.  He is also known to include the beats from his
Native American roots.  He claims influence from the likes of Junior Kimbrough, R. L. Burnside,
John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Robert Belfour, considered to be  the parents of hill
country and blues.  Not a bad crowd to have as guiding muses. “I’ve been pretty fortunate,” he
says, “in having steady gigs.”  

Hey folks - you can’t beat the price- THE SHOW IS FREE!!!!
Show time is 9:00PM

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(While Supply Last)

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