Daily Photo || 10.4.16

Once upon a time I visited my hometown of Los Angeles, The City of Angels! It is such a big city you will always find new places to see and experience. I found this beautiful and simply unique place. Amazing area to visit if you're in the area. There was this cool abandoned train that we were able to hop on and mess around on, It's covered with graffiti murals from artist far & near, the art always changes as new graffiti artist visit.

The View is spectacular, you will have a great view of LA skyline, at times you will catch some locals coming to drift their cars in the open area (like you can see from the tire marks on the ground), It is just the coolest open space to hang out with friends and just chill or for some dope photographs.

While Isabelle & myself were just hanging around the area, she was just standing admiring the great view when I snuck up and secretly snapped this quick shot of her! I have this thought that "Great memories are best when they are capture unexpected".

Have a good day everyone!


1st Street Bridge & Mission Behind Industrial Buildings

Location: By 1st Street Bridge & Mission Behind Industrial Buildings, Google it you'll find it on the maps

Victor Escobar

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