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Daily Photo || 6.4.15

👰🏼While I was trying to take some snaps of the bride (IG: @steph_mclain04) I had people getting in my way so I made the best of it, I pulled back for a second and took this lovely image that captures exactly what was happening at that exact moment! Brides maids helping out the bride to make her look the best she can for her photos!💍#MemoriesForYearsToCome

   Trying out the New  VSCO   film 07 //  Kodak Elite 50 II- 


Trying out the New VSCO film 07 //  Kodak Elite 50 II- 

Daily Photo || 2.16.15

This photo was taken when I was about to start my DJ set at The Wheelhouse in Hemet California. As I took a breather, put down my headphones & framed this lovely image, I said to my self, "Man! What a life I get to live! I get to do a lot of stuff that I love to do! Can't wait to see where I am one year from now!" With that said I'm very thankful for everyone and everything that I have! But the journey isn't over. There is still a lot of goals to be met! So I'm going to keep pushing to do my best, to do better every day! Thank you for taking the time to peek at my blog! Hope you enjoy the images I put up because I love taking them for you to enjoy! Have a great day!


Daily Photo || 1.29.15

Today's photo was taken in the city of Los Angeles on the way to my Nephew's birthday party, he was just turning 4! This photo is really special because it reminds me of where I came from. I was born & raised part of my life on 23rd & Central & finally moved out because my parents wanted better for me. It's very meaningful because I'm able to show everyone that I'm not like others that where also born & raised in the city of Los Angeles. It's just shows we can all be different and come from the same places. Hope you guys loved my daily photos & keep checking in! Thanks Lots for the support! -Victor


This image was shot on my iPhone 6 when we were about to get off the freeway to Central, one of the streets I use to run around in when I was a kid.