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Fresh Cuts and Jams | November 8th - Concert Photos

We helped out our good friend MC SINCERE on this concert by supplying all the sound, lighting, DJ and photography. we also created the flyer for this event. It was a big blessing to meet all the artist and supporters we are looking forward to the next event that MC SINCERE has in store for all you

our photographer only had the chance to photograph some of the artist and here are the photos for that night hope you enjoy them and don't forget to give us some credit by metioning www.VICWASHERE.com thanks you

We would also like to give a BIG THANK YOU TO OUR STAFF/Friends/SUPPORTERS that helped set everything up.... DANIEL, ALEX, OZZIE, Victor, & MC Sincere himself and all the other humble artist to help finish the setup on time. We would also like to thank our DJ DEVIN HYPE.